Pizzey and Kinght Birds of Australia Digital Edition

Pizzey and Knight Digital Edition


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Pizzey & Knight Birds of Australia Digital Edition is a comprehensive and interactive multimedia program. It combines multimedia data on over 900 Australian bird species, with eight interactive modules that facilitate almost every aspect of "computer birding".

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The Field Guide displays the full field guide pages of the Pizzey and Knight bird guide, with species text, distribution maps and sounds.

The Bird Guide includes a full bird list and individual bird pages for each bird, with illustrations, species text, distribution maps, photographs and sounds. The bird list includes all the new species and new names.

Similar Birds selects similar birds and shows them side by side for comparison.

Identification uses location, habitat, bird shapes and plumage to shortlist possible species for identification.

My Location is an interactive map for finding your location, generating bird lists, and locating birding sites.

My Lists is a personal list manager that includes a life list and sub-lists that report to your life list. You can also export and import lists.

Birding Sites includes details of over 250 birding sites around Australia, with bird lists and photographs.

Habitats describes the bioregions and habitats of Australia with descriptive text, photographs and bird lists.

The BIRDS database includes • over 250 field-guide pages • over 900 individual bird pages • all the ‘new’ bird species and names • over 2500 illustrations, 4000 photos, and 700 bird sounds • completely revised and colour-coded distribution maps • rare bird maps and records • seasonal status bar • endemic species.

Additional functions include • Edit bird pages and birding site pages, and add your own photos and multimedia • Enjoy a screensaver with over 2000 photos.

System Requirements: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP. Minimum hard drive space 1GB. The program is distributed by download or DVD disc.

This program is designed for Windows PC. There is no Apple Mac version, but you can install Windows on an Apple Mac using Bootcamp.

Pizzey & Knight Birds of Australia - Digital Edition

Australian Birding Software

A comprehensive program that combines multimedia data on over 880 Australian species with eight interactive modules.